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Every creation is a testament to its creator.

Our team consists of highly skilled individuals who share a common passion – the art of creation. We relish the opportunity to engage with raw, untouched materials, reveling in the tactile experience. Our pursuit of creating exceptionally aesthetic pieces keeps us continuously enthralled, ensuring that we are always pleasantly surprised by the final results. Our enthusiasm for our craft remains unwavering.

Franz Karlhuber

At the heart of our furniture studio stands our main carpenter, a true master of the craft with over three decades of experience. He is a dedicated artisan whose expertise has only deepened with each passing year. His hands have honed an unparalleled skill, and his commitment to perfection and an innate understanding of wood’s intricacies breathe life into every piece he creates. He is the driving force behind our studio’s enduring legacy of exceptional craftsmanship.

Barbara Grillitsch

Our multi-talented art therapist, providing valuable support to our clients. Barbara also manages our Instagram account, bringing our studio’s vision to life online. Her creative insights extend to our carpentry projects, adding an artistic touch that makes her an invaluable member of our team.

Mauro Elias Mayr

Introducing our junior carpenter, Mauro, who wears two hats with finesse. Not only does he showcase his woodworking skills, but he also excels as our marketing specialist. Mauro combines his passion for craftsmanship with marketing savvy, helping us reach new heights in both the workshop and the digital realm. His dual role brings a unique perspective to our team, making him a valuable asset in every sense.